I'm Stefan Roberts, a writer and public policy specialist from London. I work as a consultant with startups and scaleups to help them navigate the political and policy world and to communicate better with governments. I used to work for the UK Government on zero emission vehicles, and before that on a range of UK climate, tech and economic issues.

Email me: [email protected]. I'm keen to meet people with shared interests. Book a virtual coffee with me.


AI/Tech. I'm optimistic about the future that tech will help us to build, and I'm increasingly focused on public policy responses around AI safety.

Progress. Less a single issue, more an underlying philosophy. Particularly for the UK.

Climate Change. Reversing climate change, particularly through adoption of new technology.

Housing. The key to reversing the UK's decline. I support the YIMBY Alliance and PricedOut. I am a strong advocate of the Housing Theory of Everything. I also think local transport plays an absolutely key role in economic growth.

Infrastructure. To unlock productivity, it's vital to build infrastructure.


I hangout on X/Twitter a lot. I'm less active on Instagram. I have various private projects on Github but feel free to connect with me there as well.

In my spare time, I help people build Shopify websites. I'm always learning a new coding language, at the moment it's React.